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native beaded hat

SOLD OUT Beaded Baseball Hat-Black

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Beaded Black Hat with silverlined beads

This beautiful hat is peyote stitched with silver lined seed beads in clear, yellow red, black representing the fire colours.

These beaded hats can take 10-15 hours depending on the width & design and will stand up the test of time.

Unlike other beaded hats that can wear out the threads of the beading on the brim this style of beading will last longer when you take the hat on & off as well as adjusting your hat throughout the day

This is a stylish and powerful pattern to make this hat a wearable work of art.

The edge of the brim is hand beaded in a peyote stitch which goes through each individual bead making the beads firm and secure, this process takes hours. 


~~~Custom Orders Available~~

Do your own personal hats, you can contact me and discuss getting your own personal hat beaded for you