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Elk teeth earrings- faux
Elk teeth earrings- faux

Elk teeth earrings- faux

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These are faux elk teeth earrings.

These ear wire earrings are faux wood elk teeth earrings, howlite beads in red and blue set off these pretty earrings.

I’ve put these on earwires to give them lots of movement, but I can replace them wi5 fish hooks as well.

These are made in a pet and smoke free home.

This is some information on elk teeth from

** In some Pacific Northwest tribes, elk are also considered to be particular protectors of women, and in some legends elk lead women who had been captured by enemy warriors back to their homes.

In Plains Indian tribes, elk were associated with masculinity, endurance, and bravery, and elks' eyeteeth were highly valued both as objects of adornment and as the symbol of a man's hunting prowess. In some Plains tribes, men saved the eyeteeth from their first elk kill to make into engagement jewelry for their sweetheart. In others, the number of elk teeth sewn onto a woman's dress showed off the wealth and skill of her husband or father